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Some things to avoid...

This blog post is on some of the basics of label reading.  Why should you read labels?  Because there are many chemicals and substances that are added to our food that you do not want in your body if you know what it does to you.  If it says Coke or Pepsi or soda of any kind, diet or not...you do not want the contents going into your body unless you are trying to put on fat and get diabetes.  See the March 23, 2015 article in the News & Record on the front of the Life section (how appropriate) on "Diet Soda"

You should avoid artificial sweeteners like Splenda, aspartame, Nutra-Sweet, saccharin, and others.

The only acceptable sugar substitute in my book is stevia because it is an herb and therefore it is natural and calorie free.  Many dieters have switched to it.

Watch out for high fructose corn syrup.  Many say it is worse for you than sugar.  Speaking of sugar, there are many names for sugars and they typically end in -ose.  There are some artificial sweeteners that are derived from alcohols and they end in -ol. Examples are Sorbitol and Xylitol.

Most of you already know about MSG( monosodium glutamate) which often causes headaches.

Common preservatives end with the words -sulfate, -sulfite, -nitrate, or nitrite. 

Another thing to be concerned about, but it is not labeled is GMO foods.  Many other countries forbid GMO food, but for some reason, the FDA will not require labeling to say that a food is from GMO sources.  Read more on this on my Facebook page post.

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